McCurlie, Doidge and Wiles


It’s a quiet day in Ancaster, in the early Sixties. Mike McCurlie and Bob Doidge are school kids, 12 or 13, listening to The Beatles and Bob Dylan when those guys only had one album out.

One day in Grade 7, they figure they should start a band too. So they did, and played their first gig in the auditorium of Fessenden Public School. They rode their bikes home, thinking it was a good day.

Flash forward a half century, along comes Caroline Wiles, a brilliant songwriter from Montreal, who’s been running the same course her whole life. Hooking up with a girl from Montreal in itself is a dream come true for a small town boy. They all start playing together, harmonizing, creating a groove with guitar, mandolin and bass. They like the blend, and it feels like another good day. 

They’re all still in Ancaster since it’s a wonderful place to live. And by now, they have a lot of songs about their hometown, and all around: the Dundas Valley, the Bruce Trail, The Hammer… It’s a great part of the world to live in and it’s a good time to be alive.